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Malware & Virus Removal

System Tune-up

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About Us

"Technology is the driving force behind every business and without it, it’s nearly impossible to conduct your day to day operations. But what’s worse, is when the technology in your business is holding you back from your business goals."

Since the turn of the 21st Century, technology has rapidly become vital to our individual lives. More importantly, it's become critical to anyone looking to succeed in the business world as it transcends all aspects of day-to-day business including; payments, accounting, content management, inventory, HR management, marketing, email and networking, communication (etc.) systems. "Basically, you cannot run a successful business without technology." Unfortunately, as ubiquitous as technology has become in the digital age, busy professionals don’t necessarily have the time to learn new skills to effectively implement the best IT solutions let alone leverage the vast potential of free open source technology available to them even though it's a must-have; And many can't afford an in-house IT department either. We located the problem and now we have the solution.

Established in September, 2016, Diji Domain is a small, Halifax-based tech company whose goal is giving small and medium businesses access to reliable IT infrastructure and support while keeping the budget constraints of the sectors demographic in mind. Once a simple student project, we have evolved from a humble laptop repair service into a respectable provider of business information and technology solutions.

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MISSION: Provide businesses with complete, budget-minded, and effective IT solutions to everyday business problems and to foster long term, sustainable growth, and partnership without neglecting

  • Transparency
  • Efficiency
  • Quality
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  • Reliability

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